“He was supposed to by my FOREVER HORSE!”

I still remember these words from Cassie when she told me about Jasper’s condition with tears in her eyes. She was looking for her dream horse, a horse she can grow old with, a horse to lean on when you need it, a horse that would be in her backyard as she looks out her kitchen window. She simply was looking for a horse to care for and to give a good home to. As Cassie said: “He was suppose to be my forever horse”.

After a long and dragging search Cassie finally found Jasper, a 12 year old Oldenburg/ Thoroughbred cross Gelding in California.¬†He immediately caught everyone’s attention at his arrival because of his stunning looks and his demeanor! Shortly after, Cassie started to show him with SNHSA with great success and came home with several ribbons! Her smile and happiness were priceless. She asked me to take several photos of them since it was their first show and she simply wanted to capture these first moments. Just like a parent seeing your child walk for the first time ūüôā


After that, I saw Cassie here and there but haven’t really talked with her until my Holiday Photo Shoots came around in November of last year. Still, everything seemed just fine…

In May I received a text message from Cassie asking for a “Remembrance Session” which totally caught me off guard. I was really in shock and was trying to find out what had happened to Jasper.

Beginning of the year Jasper had several lameness problems among other issues. Over a period of time Jasper became more and more unstable to ride. Cassie even trailered him to UC Davis to find the right answers. There, they also put him on a research/ case study and watched him closely. The results were daunting. Jasper developed somehow neurological symptoms which continued to get worse week by week, day by day. He became unfit to ride, sometimes even unsafe to handle and Cassie had a tough time controlling his pain.

Jasper Cassie kneeling (1 of 1)

Shooting horses in general is not an easy task, if you ever tried it you know what I mean. Remembrance Sessions are even tougher because you really have just this one opportunity to create beautiful images to preserve their memories that show their bond and relationship. Knowing Cassie and Jasper and their hardship didn’t make it easier in any ways, rather harder.

I know Cassie poured her heart and soul into this special horse and Jasper will always be in her heart. Her moments with Jasper are now memory and I hope she will cherish these photos as much as I was honored to take them.


You can find her entire gallery here: https://creatememoriesbyanett.pixieset.com/cassieandjasper

Jasper Cassie standing hugging (1 of 1)


Bye Bye 2016

I have been really busy during the holiday season and the remaining time was spent with my family decorating the house, Christmas parties, making cookies among other things you do during Christmas. And I just now realized I have not written a blog for two months!

I started doing Holiday Photo Sessions with¬†kids/ families¬†and their horses two years ago and everyone just loved the idea. My slogan is…”You can’t bring your horse to JC Penney but I can come to you!” And this year my business during this time has more than doubled thanks to my repeated customers,¬†word of mouth and¬†social media.¬†I loved seeing families getting¬†dressed up, decorating their horses and¬†falling slowly¬†into the Christmas spirit. It’s¬†always a lot of fun,¬†¬†even if the¬†weather¬†is sometimes freezing cold.¬†Here are some of my favorites:


In October I decided to create my first Horse Calendar for 2017 and it kept me busier than expected. From sourcing the right printing company, pricing & deciding on a specific design to choosing the quality of paper, it was definitely an interesting learning curve. At the end I was very happy the way it turned out and received really great feedback, people loved the spiral top and the glossy heavy paper it was printed on. I also decided to make a desktop calendar. There is still a limited amount available on my website.


I got extremely frustrated with my¬†7 year old¬†laptop¬†during that busy time¬†because it just couldn’t keep up with the work load and the speed I needed to use my editing programs. Oh and it ran out of space! It was time to¬†get a new one! So I asked Santa for a new one and he delivered!! Woohoo…so now I am in the middle of transferring my photo shoots,¬†Photoshop and Light Room¬†presets and everything else over…talk about time consuming!

I can’t wait what 2017 has in store for us, my family and my horse photography!¬†I truly love what I do and am fortunate enough to have someone by my side that supports my vision and ideas 100%!

Happy New Year!





What happens after the shoot?

In an effort to make the entire photo shoot memorable, I am always looking for new and creative ways to enhance the experience, from beginning to end. I added a new feature for my clients that I would love to share with you, because I think it puts the icing on the cake and makes the entire photo shoot experience complete.

It always amazes me with how many photos I come home with. For an 1.5-2 hour shoot I have anywhere between 300- 450 photos, depending on the different poses, action photos, horse’s cooperation, etc. As I go thru and edit them I rate them 1-5, 5 being the highest. I LOVE when I have 5 star photos, because they are pretty much perfect straight out of the camera. They need little retouching, maybe a little more exposure, cropping or color. Three star photos would require more work like fixing shadows, touching up eyes, cropping, adjusting brightness and so on. Here are some examples:

I didn’t have to retouch a lot on that image. I simply cropped it slightly and added a little contrast and done! And I do love the shadow of leaves showing on the horse’s coat. I was actually going back and forth in my head and not sure if it looked good but at the end looking at the entire shoot I love the way they turned out.

Another image that didn’t need much work. A simple crop and zoom, some contrast and done! Sometimes it is the crop that decides if the image is worth keeping or not.

Here is an image I worked on quite a bit. At first I didn’t pay much attention to this photo, it was too dark and the background just didn’t work, so I gave it one star. But looking at it again I just loved how he his ears were perked up and how she hugged him with her eyes closed.

Thanks to Lightroom and Photoshop I was able to save this image and turn it into a “5 Star”! I really love the finished photo.

Once the entire shoot is edited, the photos are downloaded to my client’s page onto my website http://www.creatememoriesbyanett.com for review. My package includes a personalized USB Card with all digital high res photos and a customized photo book with your images, great for your coffee table or gift!

So, what did I add? I truly believe your photos should be looked at, loved, felt, touched and seen by your friends and family when they come into your home. How many people have thousands of photos on their iPhone and computer and never look at them again? Sound familiar? I personally have canvases and framed photos ALL over my house from the Flume Trail, Lake Tahoe, my son, US- our family, memories. People always comment on how many pictures I have up. And I just love looking at them and remembering that moment!

I now offer wall art for all clients AND I will create your personal in home design.

All I need is a photo of your space, your room, hallway or bedroom and I will show you what a canvas or photo on the wall would look like in your house! Even if you are not a client you can purchase any of my horse photography for your wall! Existing and new clients receive 20% off on any wall art.

Here are some examples:


Here are some client images:


I mean, isn’t that really cool? No more hassle trying to figure out if it fits or not! And you know what it looks like before you buy anything! And the possibilities are endless.

I can show you different designs with your photos, if it is one canvas or several in your hallway or over your fire place! I think that is pretty darn good!

I am really super excited about that feature! I will post more about it on facebook and also add it to my webpage shortly.

I would LOVE to hear your feedback about my added feature and what you think about it!

You can also leave a comment!

“The Forgotten Breed”

I took a long ride out to the dusty Palomino Valley last week to visit Michelle Winans-Gomez with¬†“Trinityglen Highland Ponies”. A friend (thanks Michael Artemis) told me that she was¬†breeding a special type of pony that is quite rare to find. So I was all ears and wanted to find out more!

When I arrived at her 40 acre ranch, Michelle had all her ponies, four mares and two stallions, groomed and ready to go! ¬†I was amazed by their beauty and couldn’t wait to take their photos and tell everyone that she’s got something really special. She told me that the Highland Pony originated from the Highlands of Scotland and that they are listed as vulnerable on the endangered species list. There are less than 100! on the Northern American Continent, and around 3500 in the world.


Michelle is a big advocate in promoting and preserving this breed. With less than 70 registered stallions world wide, she has two in stud! She loves to educate people about this strong, sturdy and compact pony and tells me they love to pull carts, are used for low level hunter/ jumpers and show well in dressage. They are great with kids and can carry adults with no problem.

We first go into the pasture with her four mares.They all chill and look like the are chatting about their day until…


Looks like they didn’t quite agree on something ūüôā



Here are some very interesting facts about the Highland Pony!

  • In the 1300’s in the days of the “Braveheart” era, the Highland Pony was ridden by King Robert the Bruce!
  • Queen Victoria was known to have ridden this pony during her excursions where carriages couldn’t access the land.
  • The Scottish cavalry used them in World War I and World War II to carry the soldiers to the battle lines. The wars severely depleted this beautiful breed.

I must admit, I absolutely fell in love with this mouse dun mare. Her rich colors just showed beautifully during the sunset, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Sandby Opal. I never seen a “mouse dun” pony before!


This is her beautiful mare Brownbread Queenie.


Some more pictures of her foal and mare. And the hawk is a hobby of Jose’s, Michelle’s husband.


This is one of her stallions, Lieutenant of Whitefield and comes straight from the well respected Whitefield stud in Scotland. What a pretty boy to look at!

And this is “Whiskey” her cream dun stallion: Ch. Circle H Glen Livit


This weekend Michelle is traveling with her companions to the Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley, NV (Sept 22-25) to showcase her very special breed. If you see her, please stop by and say hello.  You will see that she always has this glow in her eyes when she talks about them! Good Luck Michelle and thanks for welcoming me at your ranch!

For more information please visit her website http://www.trinityglenhighlands.weebly.com and check out her facebook page http://www.facebook.com/TrinityglenHighlandPonies. 










My photo shoot with LeAnn

As I am writing this blog, LeAnn who will turn 19 yrs on Sept 5th, just joined the U.S. Airforce and is now going through the rigorous 8 week BMT- basic military training, located in Texas.

I truly love taking pictures at the beautiful¬†Bartley Ranch, which offers a great diversity of backgrounds for portrait and equine photos. Along with LeAnn came Garrett, her boyfriend and Amanda, who assisted me behind the camera. Unfortunately LeAnn wasn’t able to bring her 11yr old mare “Bella” so I decided to bring my horse Broker so that we could still do some equine portraits.

Usually I arrive around 30min before my session to scout out the location, get some ideas for some shots, check out some background motives and see how the sun sets.

LeAnn brought plenty of outfit options

After discussing our ideas for photos and deciding on the outfits, we started with simple head shots and full frame shots. By then it was 5pm, I just really loved how the sun set over the mountains and how it offered the perfect warm light.

Collage for wordpress

LeAnn was extremely easy to work with, a dream for every photographer. Her poses were just flowing and natural.

Then we moved down to an old historic shed with some farm equipment where I discovered an old wooden stand¬†and thought we could use that for some cool couple’s shots.


LeAnn, native of¬†Reno now living in Fallon, NV just loves everything about horses. She follows “Buck” Brannaman’s training methods, has a heart for dressage, and enjoys the outdoors. Sometimes you might see her on a snowboard. Her goal is to go to Tech School for Fire Protection while serving in the Airforce. Garrett is currently enrolled at College in Walla Walla, WS and studies Applied Animal Science to become a Farrier.

To get certain poses and images with couples I like to tell stories to give them some ideas or ask them to imagine a specific scenario. In the top image, I used a bench and asked them to get comfortable as if they were alone and to dream into the sunset.

On the bottom left picture, I ask what they love to do together and they said dancing. So Garrett sweeped LeAnn off her feet ūüôā I loved that!

Now it was time for some equine shots! The sun was getting lower behind the mountains, so time was of the essence!

I must say, LeAnn really impressed me with how she handled Broker who is a 15yr old QH. He was the opposite of being relaxed for a shoot, even after some work out in the arena. For some people, it might be intimidating when a horse gets pushy and dominant, but she just had her natural way of staying calm and after a while he picked up on her energy and behavior. As we progressed through the photo shoot, I could see how Broker and LeAnn became a pair and shared a special connection. That was just amazing to witness. I just loved taking their photos!



As I shoot, I constantly check my camera to ensure all images are sharp. To get the best results for moving objects my camera is always set on continuous shooting, al servo with a high shutter speed, and back button focus! These are my secret ingredients to get great shots! I do take around 10-15 shots per pose or frame to ensure I have the perfect image.


Now it was time for some pretty sunset pictures! I also tried a silhouette picture.


I think, they all three rocked it and looked like stars in the pictures! I hope, one day we can do a shoot with her mare Bella, that she adores so much! And Amanda was a trooper behind the camera, helping me with getting Broker’s undivided attention.


Any questions about a photo shoot? Leave a comment here!