My photo shoot with LeAnn

As I am writing this blog, LeAnn who will turn 19 yrs on Sept 5th, just joined the U.S. Airforce and is now going through the rigorous 8 week BMT- basic military training, located in Texas.

I truly love taking pictures at the beautiful Bartley Ranch, which offers a great diversity of backgrounds for portrait and equine photos. Along with LeAnn came Garrett, her boyfriend and Amanda, who assisted me behind the camera. Unfortunately LeAnn wasn’t able to bring her 11yr old mare “Bella” so I decided to bring my horse Broker so that we could still do some equine portraits.

Usually I arrive around 30min before my session to scout out the location, get some ideas for some shots, check out some background motives and see how the sun sets.

LeAnn brought plenty of outfit options

After discussing our ideas for photos and deciding on the outfits, we started with simple head shots and full frame shots. By then it was 5pm, I just really loved how the sun set over the mountains and how it offered the perfect warm light.

Collage for wordpress

LeAnn was extremely easy to work with, a dream for every photographer. Her poses were just flowing and natural.

Then we moved down to an old historic shed with some farm equipment where I discovered an old wooden stand and thought we could use that for some cool couple’s shots.


LeAnn, native of Reno now living in Fallon, NV just loves everything about horses. She follows “Buck” Brannaman’s training methods, has a heart for dressage, and enjoys the outdoors. Sometimes you might see her on a snowboard. Her goal is to go to Tech School for Fire Protection while serving in the Airforce. Garrett is currently enrolled at College in Walla Walla, WS and studies Applied Animal Science to become a Farrier.

To get certain poses and images with couples I like to tell stories to give them some ideas or ask them to imagine a specific scenario. In the top image, I used a bench and asked them to get comfortable as if they were alone and to dream into the sunset.

On the bottom left picture, I ask what they love to do together and they said dancing. So Garrett sweeped LeAnn off her feet 🙂 I loved that!

Now it was time for some equine shots! The sun was getting lower behind the mountains, so time was of the essence!

I must say, LeAnn really impressed me with how she handled Broker who is a 15yr old QH. He was the opposite of being relaxed for a shoot, even after some work out in the arena. For some people, it might be intimidating when a horse gets pushy and dominant, but she just had her natural way of staying calm and after a while he picked up on her energy and behavior. As we progressed through the photo shoot, I could see how Broker and LeAnn became a pair and shared a special connection. That was just amazing to witness. I just loved taking their photos!



As I shoot, I constantly check my camera to ensure all images are sharp. To get the best results for moving objects my camera is always set on continuous shooting, al servo with a high shutter speed, and back button focus! These are my secret ingredients to get great shots! I do take around 10-15 shots per pose or frame to ensure I have the perfect image.


Now it was time for some pretty sunset pictures! I also tried a silhouette picture.


I think, they all three rocked it and looked like stars in the pictures! I hope, one day we can do a shoot with her mare Bella, that she adores so much! And Amanda was a trooper behind the camera, helping me with getting Broker’s undivided attention.


Any questions about a photo shoot? Leave a comment here!